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Anteadote Iced Tea

The Bottom Line

An all-natural bottled iced tea, made with Dragonwell green tea.
  • Fresh tea taste
  • No sugar
  • No preservatives
  • (none)


  • From Adagio Teas
  • Just one variety (Dragonwell green tea)
  • 500mL bottle, $2

Guide Review - Anteadote Iced Tea

If you dislike the over-sweetened drinks that pass for iced tea these days, then Anteadote is the iced tea for you. No sugar at all! Just water, Dragonwell green tea and vitamin C (for that healthy boost). All you get is the fresh flavour of the green tea, which does have a naturally sweet touch to it. Anteadote stays fresh without preservatives because there is no air in the bottle. No air means no oxidation. The taste of the tea is bold without being overpowering or grassy. Anteadote is great for the health-conscious tea drinker.

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