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Going Organic

In today's world, many are concerned about the signs of aging, the rise in the number of allergies and the well being of the environment. We often shout about just causes, moan about growing old and hanker for the good old days. There is though, a growing tide of people who are starting to take action and change their way of life. People who no will no longer accept food laced with numerous chemicals. Convenience foods are littered with preservatives and chemicals that our forefathers new nothing about.

Back then organic food was, well just food. Think about that for just a minute. Today many individuals are choosing to go organic because they no longer wish to ingest food that they know nothing about.

How many food labels do you see that mention "E" numbers, which are "used" instead of displaying the actual chemical or insect that it represents? Being "totally organic" has nothing to do with leaving behind the conveniences offered by the modern world. Going organic means changing your routine so that you do not use anything that contains artificial colours, chemicals, additives or preservatives. Of course, many people assume that going organic is difficult, expensive and painful. That is far from the truth. While going organic does take more time, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Some people who have chosen to go organic report benefits such as increased energy, having fewer ailments and not suffering from as many allergies. No one is too old or too young to benefit from organic products. Organic baby food is a popularly rising alternative to the more common non-organic baby food products. Is it any surprise that many parents are choosing to go organic? Nothing is better for a growing, healthy infant than keeping him or her away from ingesting harsh chemicals.

The elderly can also benefit greatly from going organic. As we age, our bodies are less capable of digesting those harsh chemicals many non-organic products force our way. Gong organic is a definitely a sign of love to our family and to ourselves. Even our animals can benefit from going organic. Ever wondered what goes into making of animal feed? Can you afford to go organic? Going organic can be a bit more expensive, time-consuming and detailed.

The real question is however, can you afford not too? The benefits far outweigh the inconvenience and cost. Supermarkets are finally waking up to the fact that people are starting to think about the food that they eat. More and more organic products can be found in the aisles of your local food-store. Prices for organic food in my local store are often comparable to non-organic.

Given the choice, organic wins hands down. An added bonus of organic food is the great taste. I was never a great lover of vegetables, but the organic carrots I now eat taste just like butter. Since going organic I honestly love eating vegetables, you really can tell the difference.

Consider going organic today and your body, taste buds and loved ones will thank you for a long time to come.

Steve Thomas writes about going organic and maintains an organic resource website at Organice.


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