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How To Make Labels For Your Homemade Wine

If you are making your own homemade wines, it only makes perfect sense to make your own homemade labels. Making your own labels is the only way for you to know the homemade wines contents, age and characteristics. Having clear and concise homemade labels will make it easier when you are looking for a specific wine for it's flavor or characteristic without trying to remember the character of each batch. Making your own homemade wine labels is easy and is something you can do in a couple hours. You will need to know both types of contents, the fruit you started with and the yeast.

You need to write on the homemade label the history of the wine, the vintage year, and the type it is, the alcohol % and maybe a little about the flavor of your homemade wine. By doing a little research in the recipe book, you will know the approximate alcohol percentage. For instance as I write this I am sipping on a Nov. 2005, black grape, alcohol at about 13%, semi-dry finish, I call it my Cabernet, Yummy! To make the homemade labels for your homemade wine you will need to have a computer, printer, plain paper or label stock, software that has graphics and scissors or paper shear.

If you don't have Microsoft Office, there is a free program at openoffice.org that will do the task of creating your homemade wine labels just fine. It is up to you how fancy you want your labels to be. They can be plain and just have the immediate information on them or you can get artistic and add some design onto your wine bottles.

I recommend going to your favorite wine store for ideas. Check out the labels on the other small vineyards bottles. You will find many labels that look like they made them on a computer! You may even find a few winery labels of less quality than you will be creating. Start with a graphic for the homemade wine label that will "brand" you.

When in the store I am sure you found many types of animals like zebras, elephants, kangaroos, as well as logos like tipped over wine glasses and such. Try to think of a simple graphic that will convey your attitude or character. While reading labels, pay attention to what they have written on them, your homemade wine labels will want to say similar things.

Your homemade wine bottles will look stunning on the wine rack when you have these beautiful homemade labels on them. When your friends come over, offer up a unique looking bottle of your finest work. They probably will not know it is homemade wine until you tell them. I am not kidding, some of the labels you will see at the store are a joke. You can easily come up with a homemade wine label that will impress the wisest of critiques. These homemade wine labels will look great on any bottle of homemade wine that you give to someone as a present or bring to a dinner party.

I always enjoy that, bring a two dollar cost bottle of homemade wine to an elegant dinner party and wait for the compliments from the enthusiasts!. Not only will you be giving them a great gift with the homemade wine that you have created, you will compliment the gesture with your own branded label. This will be an idea that they will love and that you will be proud to give them. You do not have to make the homemade labels look perfect. All you have to do is have some imagination and the right equipment.

You can make all of your homemade wine bottles look like they were bought at a fine wine store. With the combination of one or two graphics and some well placed text, your homemade wine bottle labels will give your homemade wine the perfect finish.

Chef Brian has put together a great resource for the home wine and beer maker. Everything you will need to know in order to make wines and beers with hundreds of recipes to keep you busy with your new home brew hobby. Go To ==> Make Homemade Wine


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