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How To Use Reviews To Choose A Coffee Maker

Have you joined the coffee maker revolution yet? Today, there are so many different machines on the market, any decision about which one to buy requires scanning the coffee maker reviews and getting good, professional advice. It's important to define exactly what type of machine you are after. If you are single and drink one or two cups day then a single cup machine should accomodate your needs. If you entertain a lot, then you'll be looking at more robust and mass producing machine and obviously, you'll be spending a little more! Let's take a brief look at some of the variety of machines available to consumers today. Coffee Maker Reviews Automatic drip machines come in all shapes and sizes and varying prices. Look for extra features such as a glass carafe and adjustable temperature hot plate.

This is important as it allows the user to maintain the coffee at a constant and acceptable temperature which means no re-heating is necessary. The quality drip machines will come with programmable timers so you can set them to brew at your convenience. Also look for an automatic shut-off feature. Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Interesting concept in recent years this particular coffee maker feature is proving to be increasingly popular. The idea is the hot plate is replaced by a thermal carafe and the benefit is that the coffee won't continue brewing when ready and over cook.

How long can it be kept at a reasonable drinking temaperature? Well, anywhere up to 3-4 hours. Features are a great selling point with many machines however, while they are great to have, the bottomline is you want great tasting drink so don't be afraid to compare machines. You'll be surprised at just how good coffee can be produced from cheaper, less featured machines.

In fact, if it's the great tasting end product you're after, then there are thermal carafe models at less than half the price of their more expensive cousins that will keep the brew hot for several hours and taste just as good! Single Cup Coffee Makers As the name suggests, single cup coffee makers produce one cup at a time and are always searched for when conducting coffee maker reviews. The advantages are obvious for single people who are moderate drinkers. If you are a one or two cup a day person, then these machines are ideal as the need to brew and entire pot is eliminated.

One cup machines come with pods and I've found if there is a disadvantage, it's the fact that certain makes come with pre-packaged pods but when it comes time to replace them, it's sometimes becomes a case of "trying to find a needle in a haystack." Therefore, don't get too hung up about buying a machine you think can only be serviced with a particular kind of coffee pod. Simple truth is, generically produced pods will be just as effective. More Coffee Maker Reviews For excellent tasting coffee there is nothing that beats freshly ground beans. If you have a budget at the upper end of the market then give serious consideration to the "grind and brew" style of machine.

Not only will these machines automatically grind the beans but in many instances, you can set the grind to different levels such as thick, medium or fine. In the end, it doesn't matter how many coffee maker reviews you read or listen too; fact is, determine the level of drinker you are and then purchase a machine that will accomodate your needs. It's as simple as that!.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster who has a passion for all things coffee. Know what to look for with these coffee maker reviews before you buy. Also, get the latest coffee related news and information at:http://www.coffeemakerheaven.com


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