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Nature's Best: Organic Coffee For many people, what they eat is not as important as where it comes from. Some people are vegetarians because they disagree with how meat is processed and farmed; other people are vegan because they do not believe cows should be raised simply to produce milk. Other people even go as far as to not wear any leather or fur, resulting in a lifestyle that is completely dominated by the protection of innocents, especially animals.

However, in this day and age of supply and demand, animals are not the only innocents; even those eating can be at risk for abuse and misuse. Many companies are forced to produce the greatest amount of product for the least cost, a predicament that results in sometimes unhealthy foods and drinks. The idea of organic stems from the fear of consuming unhealthy chemicals or other byproducts of modern farming. Organic foods are produced without the use of chemical pesticides; in the end, this process is more costly to the producer and to the consumer as well. But many people are willing to pay more for organic products and rest easier knowing they are protected.

Organic is not just a farming process, however; it can refer to the farm itself. An organic farm is a farm that recycles and uses composting, and monitors soil health and other environmental concerns. Organic coffee has become recently popular among individuals who want to know they are drinking a safe cup of coffee, and who want to support those coffee producers who are using all of the available precautions to keep both consumers and the environment healthy. Going Green Organic coffee is more expensive because organic coffee crops are usually smaller; these crops are typically non-shaded, meaning less coffee grows per planting. Guatemala, Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico are the leading producers of organic coffee, although many other countries will contribute at least periodically.

In order for coffee to receive the title of organic, certain requirements must be met at least in the United States. The coffee must be grown on land that has not utilized pesticides or other chemicals for three years. There must also between a certain amount of distance between the organic coffee and the next traditional coffee crop.

Lastly, crop rotation must be employed to prevent soil erosion and the depletion of nutrients. The United States government verifies that these conditions are met and than certifies the coffee as organic. Aside from being beneficial to the environment, organic coffee is beneficial to human health as well. Most toxins in the body are ingested, and because this coffee is void of fertilizers and pesticides, no chemicals are ingested.

Aside from this, organic coffee usually contains far more antioxidants than traditional coffee. During certain processing methods, the coffee beans are stripped of their nutritional value; organic coffee processing techniques help to ensure that the coffee remains rich in antioxidants and other useful traits.

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