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My Salute to Chai

Chai is a popular way to prepare tea, with lots of different recipes

The term 'chai' doesn't refer to an actual kind of tea or a specific drink, but a style of preparing it. Chai tea is usually served with a milk or cream, and is heavily spiced. Common spices in chai are cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and allspice.

Chai has come to North America from India, and has gained much popularity at coffeehouses and tea shops everywhere. It's not hard to make at home, and many of the spices are ones you likely have in your pantry. Here are a few great chai recipes to try:

Kashmiri Chai Tea
The powdered almonds add a nutty touch.

Spicy Milk Tea
Chai is typically made with black tea, but here is a recipe for green tea. The mix of green tea and spices add a unique flavour to this milky chai tea.

Masala Chai
A personal favorite. This is another basic chai recipe, but the hint of cinnamon makes a world of difference.

Moon Chai
This one is more elaborate than the others, with quite a complex array of spices. It's quite a zesty cup of tea.

Thai Iced Tea
Better for warmer weather, this iced chai tea is rich and creamy and lightly spiced.

Holiday au Lait I couldn't forget the coffee lovers. This hot coffee drink has all the elements of a good cup of chai.

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