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The Boston Tea Party

In history class, we learned a great deal about the history of America. The Boston Tea Party was one major turning point that defined America as we know it today. We are strong, defiant, capable, and know what is fair and just. The British were looking for some way to recover some of the money they had lost during the war between the French and Indians some ten years earlier. In the years just prior to the Boston Tea Party, the crown had created numerous attempts to gain back control of the governments. It started with the 1765 Stamp Act, the 1767 Townsend Acts, the 1770 Boston Massacre, and culminated with the 1773 Tea Tax.

Because colonists took a stand and refused to pay any taxes, the Parliament was forced to retract all taxes and so they did, except one. You guessed it they left the Tea Tax. This was nothing more than a mere demonstration of the rights and ability Parliament felt they had to impose taxes. It was in May of the year 1773, Parliament decided to implement a tricky little plan. An Indian Company that was struggling was given the full task of American tea importation. They then placed a reduction on the tea tax.

This mean that all Americans, who absolutely loved their tea, would pay a much cheaper price for the tea. The problem for colonists; however, was the fact that while it may be cheaper, they would still be giving into Parliament and recognizing their taxes. Parliament, who had assumed that the Americans would pay the taxes instead of giving up their tea, was in for a big surprise. A Boston Tea Party surprise. The Colonists were ready to fight, or more appropriately boycott the tea. In both New York and Philadelphia, the ships carrying the tea were not allowed to dock.

However, in Charleston, they allowed the ships to dock and remove the tea; however, the tea was placed in storage for three years. The patriots sold this tea, three years later, in efforts of financing the American Revolution. On a winter day in December of 1773, three ships arrived in Bostons ports. They attempted peaceful denial of the cargo on the dock ships, simply refusing to pay the taxes.

However, when a refusal to leave met their refusal to pay, anger flared. Later in that same evening, two hundred Indian disguised men, marched to the ships. The Boston Tea Party ensued and subsequently dumped three hundred and forty two tea crates into the Boston Harbor. The Boston Tea Party and subsequent events were ultimately responsible for the eventual American Revolution.

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