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Use Your Imagination And Make The Custom Coffee Mug The Best Gift Ever

Looking for a great gift idea, either for someone special or perhaps a client or a marketing tool in the form of a gift? Have you thought of the very simple idea of a custom coffee mug? I mean, lets face it everybody can use a coffee mug whether they drink coffee or not. I know I drink tea from them and I even use them for soup. This gift idea is so simple and not expensive and you know that it will be used. What more could you ask for? Obviously just a plain mug can be a little boring but if you customize it with either a photo or perhaps your business logo for instance then it becomes more than just a mug. Imagine the marketing advantages you will have by having your business advertised on these mugs. You never know where they will end up or who will be using them.

As far as a gift to family and friends goes these customized mugs are fantastic. Just imagine the smile on the face of Grandma when she sees her beautiful grandchild's photo on the side of her own custom coffee mug. This gift would be treasured forever. Another idea is for your children to do a drawing and have that imprinted for life on a mug.

These can be kept for yourself or given as gifts. These ideas are limitless really. You just need to use your imagination. There are many businesses out there these days that do these custom mugs at very reasonable prices.

And of course if you are a business yourself and want to order a large amount for client gifts then it will no doubt work out even cheaper. You can have all your details on the mug plus your company logo. These are so much better that giving out pens. You can only fit so much information on pens compared to mugs, plus the fact that the information can be read much easier as well. You will find that there will be many different mug styles to choose from as well.

You maybe interested in the usual ceramic style or you may want to be a little different and choose stainless steal or glass. It depends on how much you want to spend and how much you want to stand out. Many schools and sporting clubs find that a custom coffee mug is a great idea to use for graduations and sporting achievements.

Once again they are an affordable option while they are big enough to hold everyone's names, dates and any other important data that needs to be added. I know my children still have their mugs from their school graduations. And in fact I still have mugs that have their drawings on them from when they were in the junior years of school. These really are great keepsakes. I must admit to having a couple of promotional mugs from different businesses too.

Obviously the later are not keepsakes for me but they are handy all the same and I have used them to remember phone numbers when I have needed to. Christmas time is nearly upon us once again and I know that most of us find it hard to think of appropriate gifts to give. Not everyone we give to will be deserving of an expensive gift so a custom coffee mug may well do the trick. Especially when you are looking for someone who has everything already, this type of gift is perfect.

Susan Dean is a successful webmaster and publisher of http://www.coffeesecrets.info She provides lots of handy hints and advice on coffee at her web site.


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