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White Chocolate

Unlike Dark and Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate does not have caffeine. White chocolate contains (in order of quantities) sugar, cocoa butter, milk or milk powder and vanilla. In addition it also includes milk solids, sugar, lecithin and various flavorings (usually vanilla.) While White Chocolate has the texture of all chocolates, it does not taste the same.

Cocoa butter is the ingredient used to keep chocolate solid at room temperature and still allows it to easily melt in the mouth. It contains none of the cocoa solids (cocoa liquor) found in other varieties of chocolate. http://corporatestrategicalliances.com/sales-letter/ Many countries do not recognize white chocolate because it does not meet the standards (because of its lack of cocoa solids or cocoa mass). In the United States it needs to be at least 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk solids with less than 55% sweeteners such as sugar. Prior to 2004 firms in the US required temporary marketing permits to sell it due to its lack of cocoa solids.

The European Union now has similar standards; it requires not less than 20% cocoa butter and a minimum of 14% dry milk solids. White chocolate made with vegetable fat instead of cocoa fat (cocoa butter) is white in color, true white chocolate made with cocoa butter is and ivory color. http://corporatestrategicalliances.com/sales-letter/ Switzerland after World War I was the first introduction of White Chocolate, while Heberts Candies first brought white chocolate to the United States after having seen it in Europe. Its first popular distribution in the United States was in 1984 when Nestlés introduced the Alpine White Chocolate bar made of white chocolate and chopped almonds.

White chocolate can be difficult to cook with, because it will occasionally separate when melted, creating an oily substance that is unusable, and when this occurs it must be discarded. All chocolates turn lumpy and grainy when water is added to melted chocolate, some brands are easier to use in baking than others. All chocolates can be purchased in large or small bricks, but the easiest means to get an accurate measurement is to use “pastilles” (small chips).

http://corporatestrategicalliances.com/sales-letter/ Thank you, http://corporatestrategicalliances.com/sales-letter/.

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2 tbs.


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