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Wine Travel Tiny Rhode Island Is Big On Wine

If you've never been to Rhode Island, let us be the first to encourage you to visit. Simply put, Rhode Island is unforgettable. Often nicknamed "America's First Resort" tiny Rhode Island is much more.

Its climate is tempered by the Atlantic Ocean, and there are miles upon miles of breathtaking beaches (and views) to savor and enjoy. Further inland, Rhode Island offers the cosmopolitan and historic city of Providence and a surprising array of agricultural activity, punctuated by a small but thriving wine industry. If this surprises you, you're not alone . we were surprised as well! But grapes grow in plentiful numbers here, and winemakers have adapted their art in accordance with what nature provides. There are five wineries in Rhode Island, making this is a perfect weekend wine travel destination.

Interestingly, Rhode Island's climate is very similar to the north of France, which is famous for its wine production. Since Providence is our starting point, let's learn a bit more about this charming and vibrant city adjacent to Narragansett Bay. Exploring Providence We were delighted to discover that Providence, the capitol of Rhode Island with a population of 175,000, is a very walkable city. What better way to explore a city than to feel its pulse on foot? Among Providence's neighborhood destinations are Wayland Square, Federal Hill, and of course the downtown area. Federal Hill, long known for its "Little Italy" area, teems with dining opportunities.

If you're a fan of independent stores and shops, don't miss Wayland Square on the city's east side. And let's not forget downtown Providence, a destination for dining, nightlife, and historic architecture. Rhode Island Wine Since Rhode Island is such a small state, one could quite possibly visit all five wineries in two days. However, you'd miss the simple pleasure of discovering all that Rhode Island has to offer. We were struck how lush, green, and rural the area became as we traveled outside of Providence. Just a few minutes from the Massachusetts border is the small town of Cumberland, home of Diamond Hill Vineyards.

Located on a 34 acre site, it's so picturesque here that weddings and special events are common in front of the 220 year old vineyard house. Known for its Pinot Noir grapes, Diamond Hill also has an excellent reputation for fruit wines. South of Providence in Newport County, you'll find three wineries: Greenvale Vineyards, Newport Vineyards and Winery, and Sakonnet Vineyards. Each location is a scenic gem! In addition to the gorgeous scenery, each winery hosts numerous seasonal events, perfect for relaxing and enjoying crisp, delightful Rhode Island vintages. Leaving the Newport area and heading toward Rhode Island's southwestern coastal area, you'll find Langworthy Farm Winery in Westerly, just a stone's throw from the Atlantic Ocean. Langworthy is situated on a family farm with an 1875 Victorian farmhouse that welcomes overnight guests.

The grounds feature a stunning Norway maple tree that is reportedly the largest of its kind in the state. You'll find wine for any palate at these charming Rhode Island wineries, from deep complex reds to light and crisp Rieslings. So, here's to little Rhode Island . small in size but very very big in wine, taste, and scenery! Once you visit, you'll never forget. Cheers!.

Are you interested in learning about wine travel destinations and unique small wineries? You're invited to explore this and many other largely undiscovered wine trails by visiting Wine Trails USA, a fun and informative site devoted to wine travel and wine tours.


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